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    Located in Sterlington, Arkansas, the Sterlington Sports Complex offers five regulation baseball and softball fields, two tee ball fields, and a batting cage. The facility is one of the premier events venues in ArkLaMiss, and its state-of-the-art facilities are perfect for Little League and collegiate baseball & softball leagues. Find a great game at Sterlington Sports Complex today!

    2 seam sports Sterlington

    In late October, the Sterlington Town Council voted to lease the town’s Sports Complex to Two Seams LLC. The company is partly owned by Kerry Elee, who served as interim mayor late last year. The company would pay Sterlington $50,000 per year in lease payments. The company would also keep all concession and field rental revenue. In 2020, the sports complex is expected to generate more than $215,000 a year.

    Located off Highway 136, the multimillion-dollar Sterlington Sports Complex will host baseball, softball, tee ball, and soccer tournaments. It’s the premier venue for events in ArkLaMiss and offers multiple fields for competitive and community league baseball and softball. The complex is also a great place for kids’ tournaments and other events. Even collegiate league baseball and softball teams will be able to host games at the facility.

    Sterlington Monroe

    In the northwest corner of Ouachita Parish, the new multi-million dollar Sterlington Sports Complex is one of the best kept secrets in Louisiana. With a half-cent sales tax passed by the voters in 2015, the new sports complex has five baseball fields, two softball fields and two tee ball fields. The complex’s many features are what makes it special, says Kerry Elee with the board of aldermen.

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    Two Seams will pay Sterlington $50,000 per year and keep all the revenues from concessions and field rentals. In 2020, the Sports Complex will make around $215,000 per year. Two Seams and T&R Athletics LLC are two of the companies that have expressed an interest in operating the sports complex. While Sterlington will still be responsible for debt service, they will no longer be responsible for maintenance. In return, the new owners will pay them $50,000 per year.

    Sterlington sports complex live stream

    If you are interested in watching a sporting event live, you can tune into the Sterlington Sports Complex. The facility features over 2000 hotel rooms and great local dining. You can also enjoy shopping and fun activities that are close by. Concession areas offer climate-controlled offices and covered viewing areas. Multiple wagon wheel layouts allow for different events to be hosted at once. In addition to the main stadium, there are many smaller fields, as well.

    The Sterlington Sports Complex also features concerts across all genres. Tickets can be purchased on Vivid Seats, which will allow you to experience the show live. The company also offers Reward Credit to its customers. When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a certain number of points that can be used toward future purchases. In addition to live events, the Sterlington Sports Complex hosts theater performances, including musicals and stand-up comedy. The lineup of performances at the venue will vary based on the time of year and season.

    Hotels near Sterlington sports complex

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    If you have a dog and want to stay close to the Sterlington Sports Complex, consider Rooster Ridge. This rustic cabin sits on a secluded lot overlooking the Ouachita River. It is less than six miles from Sterlington and is an ideal place for a family vacation. The cabin also allows dogs and has flexible cancellation policy. It is also a good choice if you are visiting for the sports.

    Sterlington sports complex tournaments

    A recent meeting of the Board of Aldermen of the Sterlington City Council outlined a new lease agreement for the Sterlington Sports Complex. In addition to managing bookings and reservations, the resort has also contributed manpower for tournaments and mowing and maintenance. While the board has tried to obtain volunteer manpower whenever possible, the town has also paid every worker for some tournaments. Although a letter of intent states that the lease is for three years, the parties involved will have to work out a way to get it up and running again.

    The sports complex is a state-of-the-art facility with five regulation baseball and softball fields, as well as two tee ball fields. This makes it the premier venue for events in the ArkLaMiss region. Tournaments, collegiate league games, and Little League games can be held at the complex. There are numerous amenities to make your event a success, and the team you are playing against will enjoy a memorable experience.

    Sterlington little league

    The city of Sterlington, Arkansas, has invested in a new multi-million dollar sports complex. It has five regulation baseball fields, two softball fields, and two tee ball fields. A half-cent sales tax passed by voters in 2015 helped pay for the new sports complex. It is the perfect place for Little League baseball and softball games as well as youth tournaments. The complex includes a new concession stand with two levels and can accommodate multiple events at once.

    The stadium features a Musco lighting system to reduce glare from adjacent fields. With the ability to remotely turn on and off lighting with a smart phone, the new facility saves both time and money. The Musco system is also guaranteed for 25 years and requires no maintenance. The city’s project leaders were able to defer payment for the lighting until the event took place so they could begin generating revenue. Musco’s customizable design allowed for a substantial cost savings.

    2 seam sports

    The Sterlington Board of Aldermen recently approved a lease for the Two Seam Sports Complex at Sterlington Sports Complex for a three-year term. After putting out a request for proposals, two companies submitted proposals, but only 2 Seam Sports was selected over T&R Athletics. The new lease will require the city to continue paying debt service on the complex but will not be responsible for any maintenance. Two Seams will pay Sterlington $50,000 per year and will retain all proceeds from licenses and field rentals.

    The city receives a portion of the net revenues generated by the Sports Complex’s concession stands, which are located on the site. In 2020, Sterlington will receive $48,000 in field rent and more than $ 20,000 through concessions. Last year, the complex produced more than $ 167,000 in revenue through concessions. The complex has over 2000 hotel rooms, a variety of fun things to do, and climate-controlled offices and a covered viewing area for spectators.

    Sterlington park

    In October, the town of Sterlington will break ground on its first phase of construction: the Sterlington Sports Complex. This multi-use complex will have 12 fields, including a tee ball field, and can accommodate up to 27 fields in phases to come. The project will also feature a skate park and splash pad, and tennis and soccer courts. Concessions will be available at the complex, which is expected to generate revenue through rentals and concession sales. The town hopes the complex will attract more local businesses.

    Tickets to events at Sterlington Sports Complex can be found through Vivid Seats, a live event guide. Vivid Seats offers a Reward Credit for buying tickets through their site. You can also purchase theater tickets for events held at Sterlington Sports Complex. Depending on the time of year and season, tickets to performances may be available for these events. There are many other ways to get tickets to upcoming sporting events and concerts at Sterlington Sports Complex.

    The New Sterlington Sports Complex

    The first phase of the Sterlington Sports Complex is complete. The sports complex will feature baseball and tee ball fields and could accommodate as many as 27 in later phases. It will also feature a splash pad, RV parking, soccer fields, tennis courts, and a skate park. The complex will generate revenue from concession sales and rental fees, as well as half-cent sales tax collected from residents. There are a number of things to love about Sterlington Sports Complex, and these are only some of the reasons why you should go see it for yourself.


    There are many great concerts at the Sterlington Sports Complex in Central Louisiana. From country to pop, the venue has seen many top recording artists and is a popular choice for local residents. The schedule changes regularly, but you can always be sure to find a concert that interests you. Tickets can be purchased online, and seating locations vary depending on the event. Concert tickets can range from $32 to more than $1150, depending on the type of performance and availability.

    Last week, the town council voted unanimously to take on $2 million in bonded debt to build a new municipal youth sports complex. The vote came during a special meeting held Dec. 21. Town officials are hoping the investment will pay off through ball tournaments and sales tax revenues. The town is expected to present the next step in the process to the state’s Bond Commission on Jan. 18. It’s unclear how much of this debt the city will incur, but the plan will be a significant source of revenue for the town.


    The multi-million dollar Sterlington Sports Complex, which is located off Highway 136, is home to several baseball and softball fields. There are also tee ball fields for younger players. A half-cent tax passed by the town’s voters in 2015 was used to build the new facility. This state-of-the-art complex is an ideal location for baseball and softball tournaments, as well as Little League games and collegiate tournaments.

    The stadium will have state-of-the-art lighting that eliminates glare from adjacent fields and has an automated system that allows facility managers to turn lights on and off with the touch of a button. Additionally, the system has a 25-year warranty, meaning it won’t need to be serviced or replaced for the next 25 years. And the town’s officials describe the system as the best in the industry.

    Vivid Seats is another source for tickets to events at Sterlington Sports Complex. Not only do they sell tickets to sporting events, but they also have a comprehensive listing of other events. Vivid Seats has a database of live events and offers Reward Credit when you purchase tickets. You can even find tickets to concerts held at the sports complex, including the 2019 MLB season. The schedule will vary depending on the year and season.


    The Sterlington Sports Complex has opened. This athletic center includes five baseball fields, two all-turf tee ball fields, and a tennis complex. The center is expected to host over two dozen tournaments and rental fees. The half-cent sales tax is helping to fund the complex. If all goes well, the complex could host as many as 27 sports fields and numerous amenities. It is located just north of Monroe and midway between Shreveport and Jackson.

    In addition to a tennis court, the facility also features basketball courts, a batting cage, and youth baseball programs. The Sterlington Sports Complex also has over 2000 hotel rooms and local dining options. If your tournament is large enough, you can even organize fun activities for the entire family. The complex has climate-controlled offices, covered viewing areas, and multiple wagon wheel layouts for multiple events. It also has a pro tennis shop, concession stands, and a multipurpose activity center.

    Splash pad

    Construction on the new Sterlington Sports Complex is set to begin in October, and the project will take several phases. The total cost is approximately $15 million, and this will be paid for through tax dollars and loans. Once completed, the complex will be a wonderful place for families to spend quality time. It is expected that the complex will increase the town’s appeal to residents and attract new businesses. The splash pad is just one of the many additions to the new facility.

    The sports complex has a variety of activities, including a splash pad, two tee ball fields, and five regulation baseball and softball fields. It is also equipped with two all-turf tee ball fields. A half-cent sales tax is used to help fund the complex. The sports complex will host a variety of tournaments, including Little League and collegiate baseball & softball.

    The splash pad at the Sterlington Sports Complex is a great place to have a family reunion or a birthday party. Located in Ouachita Parish, the city has over 2000 hotel rooms and plenty of shopping options. There are many fun things to do in the area, and the complex has two enclosed pavilions for shade. There are also many water jets and water cannons for children to enjoy. The splash pad even features a “dumping fish” fixture, which is a bucket filled with water until it tips over.

    Soccer fields

    A new soccer field in Sterlington is under construction. The project, which is slated to be completed in the fall of 2018, will feature lights and turf on one pod of the facility’s infields. In addition, there will be a splash pad for the kids to cool off in. After construction is completed, the complex will be able to host a number of youth and travel ball tournaments. It also will feature a two-level concession stand, and a full-sized playground for children to play.

    Currently, the sports complex includes 12 soccer fields, two tee ball fields, and an RV park. It could expand to 27 fields in the future. The sports complex also has a splash pad, skate park, and tennis courts. The complex is expected to generate revenue through rental fees and concession sales. The development is being funded through a half-cent sales tax. Sterlington has a growing population and is considered a community hub for sports.

    The sports complex also offers a variety of other amenities for tournament participants. It has more than 2000 hotel rooms, excellent local cuisine, and numerous things to do. The stadium also features a climate-controlled office and a covered viewing area. The multiple wagon wheel layouts at the facility provide for multiple events. And the lighting is easy to control by mobile devices. This means less worry about losing a soccer match, and a more enjoyable tournament for everyone.

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    Skate park

    There were many reasons to build a skate park at the Sterlington Sports Complex. It had street course, quarter pipes, half pipes, and a bowl. It was located in a Free-Span Steel Truss Cinder-blocks walled Warehouse-like Building that was once a truck trailer dealership. The building was painted blue and white. It was constructed in 1966 and was still in use until it was abandoned in 2013.

    Located at the center of Sterlington, the Skate Park of the Valley has all the elements of a skateboard park. It offers both a bowl course and a street course. Dreamland Skateparks constructed the park in two parts, one for in-line skaters and another for BMX bikes. The skate park is open six days a week, but it’s important to note that skaters should always wear a helmet and pads. The Skate Park is not dog friendly, and dogs are not allowed.

    The Sterlington Sports Complex is a state-of-the-art sports facility. It boasts five regulation-sized baseball and softball fields, and two tee-ball fields. It’s an excellent location for sporting events, such as Little League baseball or softball tournaments. There’s even a place for professional athletes to practice and compete. This is a first for the area.

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