Fashion As Sculpture Art

    Fashion as sculpture art is not a new concept. It has been around for decades. For one thing, it is a very versatile medium that can be used in various spaces. Fashion sculptures can be created using a variety of textures and colors. These pieces can also be displayed outdoors. Here are three artists who are using fashion as sculpture.

    Hendrickje Schimmel uses used clothing to create unique sculptures. She recently won the Camden Art Centre Emerging Artist Prize. Her fashion sculptures explore the psychology of fast fashion and the materiality of obsolescence. She makes use of clothing that would otherwise be discarded, including old sweaters, t-shirts, and other garments. Her pieces are a great way to look at the industry in a new way.

    Charles James began designing in the 1920s and was at his sculptural peak during the 1950s. His favorite model was Austine Hearst, who had several of his dresses made for her. The “Four-Leaf Clover” gown is featured in the exhibition. Another dressmaker, Marguery Bolhagen, worked in Washington, D.C., and her designs were featured in Harper’s Bazaar.

    Fashion as sculpture art has its roots in the fine arts. Artists have always influenced fashion. From ancient times to the modern day, fashion and the fine arts have tended to go hand in hand. But in recent decades, the relationship between the two has reached a new level. Oftentimes, fashion is seen as an extension of the fine arts and vice versa.

    Surrealist artists sought to portray the ideal woman in their imaginations. Artists such as Salvador Dali reinterpreted the ideal woman in their work by making her look a little more sensual. Their paintings and mosaics were often filled with gold tones, and their style had a tremendous influence on fashion.

    During the last century, collaboration between fashion and art has reached an all-time high. For example, Elsa Schiaparelli, a well-known fashion designer between the world wars, worked with Salvador Dali to create her infamous 1937 Lobster dress. This collaboration was a perfect example of how art and fashion can interact with fashion.

    Another fashion icon who has embraced fashion as sculpture art is Alexander McQueen. In his 2011 Savage Beauty show, McQueen integrated fashion and art into one cohesive work. His work included models dressed in haute couture from big name labels. The artist’s interest in fashion has also prompted notable collaborations and live performances. The combination of art and fashion has created a truly theatrical catwalk. These artists have helped fashion become a legitimate art form.

    Piet Mondrian was another influential artist in fashion. His bold geometric designs, which were influenced by cubism, inspired YSL designers. YSL became a cult following in the 1970s with the Ballets Russes collection. Though this was not a direct inspiration for the Mondrian collection, it certainly created a stir.

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