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    You’ve probably heard about Envera Health. But what exactly is this company doing? We’ll examine their latest acquisitions and what they mean for the health care industry. These aren’t just any acquisitions. The company has been building up its technology capabilities to improve care management, health information exchange, and call center management. You can read our full Envera Health review to find out more. Also, see below for some other recent news.


    Envera Health Benefits

    With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Envera understands that the current fee-for-service model is inefficient and needs to be transformed. By partnering with leading health systems, the company is building the capabilities needed to succeed in alternative payment models. Through this partnership, a health system can optimize current fee-for-service arrangements and build long-term affinity with healthcare consumers. Here are some of the benefits of using Envera to transform healthcare.

    The company’s mission is to empower the healthcare system to deliver better patient care through technology. Its mission is to create a new front door for health systems, bringing personalized engagement to the “new normal.” The company has benefited from the input of industry experts, invested in advanced technology, built a world-class contact center, and has acquired two venture-capital firms in Richmond, Virginia. It also continues to add top-tier clinical partners to its list.

    Envera Health is also committed to enhancing its health information exchange (HIE). This collaboration will expand the nation’s Health Information Exchange, making it easier for health systems to access and exchange authorized health records. The initiative will also create a market for authorized data transmissions, expanding interoperability, and more. It is important to recognize the benefits of a company like envera health news to employees. It’s no surprise that it continues to innovate and lead the industry.



    A new CEO has been named to the helm of Envera Health, a patient engagement company. David Cerino has decades of experience in software, having worked with Microsoft, Orbitz, and Providence St. Joseph Health. He will challenge the company to improve its engagement with health care consumers. But what can the new CEO do for Envera? Here are some of the company’s recent moves.

    Founded in 2015, Envera Health has worked hard to establish its vision and operational differentiators. It is making personalized engagement the “new normal” for healthcare providers. The company has drawn on insights from healthcare executives and has invested in technology and a world-class contact center. Further, it continues to add top-tier clinical partners. Today, it has more than two million registered patients. This impressive track record of growth makes Envera Health an attractive choice for investors.


    Envera health hr

    If you are looking for Envera Health HR news, you’ve come to the right place. Our company profile is up to date with the latest hiring news. Learn about our HR leaders and other recent hires. Plus, we have a list of the best benefits of working at Envera Health. Also, check out our blog for the latest news and tips. You can also follow Envera Health on Twitter.



    Envera Health announced the appointment of David Cerino as CEO. Cerino brings with him decades of experience in software and healthcare, including stints at Microsoft and Orbitz. He has also joined Envera’s board of directors. This move is a big win for the company as the company looks to continue building on its core competencies of health care services and software. Read on for more Envera health news.

    One major milestone of the Envera Health merger is the launch of the Envera Health HIE, which is dubbed MedVirginia. This HIE will connect to the Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange (NHINX), the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, and the Social Security Administration’s disability determination program. The new HIE will allow for easier health insurance purchasing and will increase data exchange among the three industries.


    In the fall of 2018, Naborforce plans to launch in two additional markets: Bethesda, MD, and Williamsburg, VA. Its technology platform dispatches a network of vetted volunteers known as “Nabors,” who offer light on-demand assistance and social engagement to aging adults. The company’s services also benefit the communities they serve, which are made up of predominantly older people.

    Naborforce connects aging adults with trusted care providers. The startup recently closed a Series Seed round of $2.5 million led by Claritas Capital. Artemis Fund will contribute to the expansion of the elder tech solution by investing in operations. The funding will also be used to combat social determinants of senior health, such as isolation. In addition to providing financial support to Naborforce, the funding will allow the company to continue to develop its elder tech solution.

    Fringe Benefits Customer Service

    Whether you’re in the business of providing fringe benefits, promoting wellness, or caring for aging parents, Envera Health can help you meet your goals. The Envera model offers expanded infrastructure, lower investment costs for health systems and the government, and simplified authorization of health records. The end result benefits consumers by improving care and making the financial system easier to manage. In fact, the Envera model benefits three industries: healthcare providers, government agencies, and the consumer.

    Naborforce Raleigh Nc

    Paige Wilson founded the elder tech platform Naborforce in 2018, which matches older adults with “Nabors” for social engagement and on-demand support. Last month, the company announced its expansion to Raleigh, North Carolina. Originally planned for 2020, the expansion was delayed after the pandemic affected the region. Raleigh is similar to Richmond, with similar demographics, volunteerism ratios, and income levels.

    The rapidly-growing elder tech company Naborforce has recently announced a $2.5 million Series Seed round to expand its service area. Naborforce matches older adults with vetted, trustworthy care providers, whose goal is to provide companionship and on-demand support. It will soon expand to the neighboring towns of Bethesda, MD, and Williamsburg, VA.


    Envera Health News

    The latest Envera Health news is all about its recent acquisitions. The company has raised $14 million in a new round of funding, acquired two companies and appointed a new CEO. In addition, it has partnered with a life insurance company in building an ecosystem. As a result, it now offers more than 50,000 consumers access to health care. But why is this company so exciting? Its future is far from clear.

    Envera Health raises $14M

    The latest round of funding for consumer engagement solutions company Envera Health is a significant boost for the company. Founded by Dan Neuwirth, the company’s mission is to optimize healthcare provider engagement and empower them to deliver better care to patients. Its team consists of healthcare technology and health information exchange veterans, and executives from medical group management organizations and hospitals. To date, the company has raised $14 million in venture capital from investors including NEA, Accel Partners, and DST Ventures.

    The money raised by Envera Health will help it to further expand its operations, and continue to develop its platform. The company aims to improve the patient experience while simultaneously improving financial and clinical performance. Investors include Harbert Venture Partners, Noro-Moseley Partners, and New Richmond Ventures. Envera’s platform will help doctors and hospitals manage patients’ care and maximize financial performance. Further, it will help patients and care providers communicate more effectively, resulting in improved patient engagement and better health outcomes.

    Envera’s offering blends expertise with technology to help healthcare organizations optimize their current fee-for-service arrangements. The solution includes call center capabilities, remote patient monitoring, and health information exchange. The company recently acquired two companies from Central Virginia Health Network. The new additions to its expertise will help it improve its care management, health information exchange, and call center management. There are several other acquisitions slated to increase Envera’s capabilities and reach.

    Acquires two companies

    Envera Health is a cloud-based health information exchange (HIE) and call center platform that optimizes engagement between patients and healthcare providers. The company also provides care management, remote patient monitoring, and a clinical decision support tool developed by the Cleveland Clinic. The combined services allow Envera to provide better care and simplify the financial well-being of healthcare consumers. The company aims to benefit three industries: healthcare, government, and insurance.

    Envera is planning to add 120 new jobs to its workforce, which currently stands at 242. The company’s sister company, Clareto, is raising capital for growth. Meanwhile, Envera recently cut the ribbon on its new 27,000-square-foot headquarters in Richmond. The company plans to add another 120 jobs at the headquarters, which will be located at 1001-1101 Haxall Point. Innsbrook is the future home of Clareto.

    The company has completed two acquisitions in Virginia. It acquired the Virginia-based inHEALTH and MedVirginia. InHEALTH was part of the Central Virginia Health Network, which was previously owned by VCU Health and Bon Secours Health System. MedVirginia is a health information exchange (HIE) platform that allows health care providers to share patient data electronically and safely. Both companies have call centers and will help clients manage patient communications. Envera did not disclose the purchase price.

    The new CEO for Envera Health is David Cerino. He has decades of experience in financial and healthcare software. His background includes stints at Microsoft, Orbitz, and Providence St. Joseph Health. The company also has eight other executives, including Cerino and founder Hersh Patel. With his experience, Envera Health has expanded its product offerings and capabilities in the fast-growing nutritional ingredients sector.

    Mercom Capital Group, which invests in healthcare IT, is also a shareholder in Sharecare. The two companies are both advancing technology in the healthcare sector. The Mercom-Healthways deal shows that healthcare companies have a growing interest in population health management. Mercom Capital Group’s Funding and M&A tracker reports that four M&A deals have been completed in the first half of 2016. In addition to the Sharecare-Healthways deal, Envera Health acquired Welltok, which offers white-labeled control centers. This deal also highlights the growing interest in population health management and telehealth.

    Appoints new CEO

    Envera Health has appointed David Cerino as CEO. Cerino is a veteran executive with decades of experience in financial, healthcare, and travel software. He has previously worked for Microsoft and Orbitz. In addition to his experience with Envera Health, Cerino has extensive consulting and management experience. He has been a board member of several healthcare and technology companies. He will join the company with the aim of guiding the company towards a consumer-centric, customer-focused future.

    While he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from other industries, he will bring to the table the uniqueness of the company’s vision. As a technology-enabled service organization, Envera Health partners with health systems and hospitals to create a seamless patient experience that enables care coordination and personalized engagement. This is a major leap forward for healthcare providers. It will help them increase the value of each patient by transforming their entire patient journey from initial contact to a lifetime of care.

    Builds ecosystem with life insurance company

    The Envera Health company is working to create a stand-alone company called Clareto, which will offer Patient Authorized Data (PAD) Solutions to health information exchanges. This collaboration aims to make purchasing life insurance easier by connecting health data exchanges with life insurers. It will also help expand the country’s Health Information Exchanges. The company is led by Dave Dorans, a veteran in the insurance industry.

    To build this ecosystem, Envera Health acquired inHEALTH, MedVirginia, and the Central Virginia Health Network, which is owned by the University of Virginia Health System and VCU. Through these acquisitions, Envera Health improved its comprehensive care management and health information exchange capabilities, as well as its call center management capabilities. It focused on improving the patient experience in health care, bringing together expertise, technology, and managed services. It also builds affinity with healthcare consumers.

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