Entertainment Casting Services, LLC

    Entertainment Casting Services, LLC is a company registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. If you are looking to cast a film or television show, this is the company to call. You can find their address and phone number by using the links below. For more information, call them at (703) 394-3848. If you need an entertainment casting service W-2, you can find it here. If you are looking for the address of entertainment casting services, LLC, you can use this information.


    Entertainment Casting Servicesllc Phone Number

    To find out more about Entertainment Casting Services, LLC, please read the following information. The company was established on Mar 09 2020 and is a foreign limited liability company. Its office address is 90 STATE STREET STE 700, OFFICE 40, ALBANY. The company’s status is Active. As of the last data we have, it has been in operation for 2 years, 1 month and 21 days. The contact information for Entertainment Casting Services, LLC can be found by contacting the company via their registered office address and telephone number.

    The telephone number for Entertainment Casting Services, LLC can be found on the company’s website or by calling their office. The business is a public entity registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. This database includes the name and address of the business, the principal and mailing addresses, the name of the officers, the entity status and creation date. Entertainment Casting Services, LLC is a legitimate business in the state of California.


    Empire Casting LLC Encino ca

    The EMPIRE CASTING LLC is an entertainment casting company located in Encino, California. This company was formed in 2016. They are currently registered in the state of California. Their address is 15910 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 720. They have one registered agent, Michael Tracy. Their MBR is NORTHWEST REGISTERED AGENT LLC. You can contact them through the information listed below.


    Entertainment Casting Services payroll

    CAPS is the leading provider of technology-enabled production payroll and accounting solutions for the entertainment industry. The company is focused on commercial production, live events, music tours, and unscripted television. Its services are available worldwide and include payroll for actors, crew members, and extras. CAPS provides complete accounting, payroll, and benefits solutions for the entertainment industry. It has more than 4,000 projects under its belt.

    ABS Payroll is another entertainment payroll service, but is more suited to independent filmmakers. Its payroll service charges a fixed fee or a gross percentage based on the scope of the production. CAPS Payroll was purchased by Cast & Crew in 2016 and now offers electronic time cards and a digital hours-to-gross calculator. It also offers a payroll submission software that is compatible with the Cast & Crew service.


    Empire casting llc w2

    If you are working for Empire Die Casting and you are wondering about your W2 tax form, the answer is no. They do not issue W2 tax forms. However, you can contact major studios, payroll houses, union contacts, and other sources of employment for a copy. If you are a member of SAG-AFTRA, you can request a copy of your W2 from the studio where you are employed.

    Efs Entertainment

    Entertainment Casting Services, LLC is a business registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. The company’s agents are Cogency Global Inc. and Hailey Lewis, both successful models and actresses. The company also provides a variety of employee benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Those looking for a more stable and comfortable work environment can take advantage of other perks offered by the company. In addition to providing excellent employee benefits, Cast & Crew also provides 401(k) and additional life insurance.

    Ems entertainment

    Entertainment Casting Services, LLC is a registered business in MA. The company was created on Fri Jan 22nd 2021. If you are wondering how to contact them, here are some important details. First of all, they are a public entity. This means that they must be registered with the state and can be contacted using the information found on the Virginia State Corporation Commission. This office contains information about the business name, mailing address, officers, and status. It is also important to note that there are some hidden information about this business.

    Secondly, they offer comprehensive benefits. This includes medical, dental, life, disability, and STD insurance. Employees also enjoy paid vacation, holidays, and other company perks. They also receive 401(k) plans and additional life insurance. You can apply online to apply for these benefits and many other great perks. Just make sure that you apply before applying for jobs! Entertainment Casting Services LLC is located at 1011 Broadway Street, West Hollywood.

    Entertainment Casting Services, LLC

    ENTERTAINMENT CASTING SERVICES, LLC is a PROFIT LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. It was founded in 1976 and is an equal opportunity employer. The company has a comprehensive benefits package and a long history of quality service. If you are interested in applying for a job with them, visit their website. For more information, check out our FAQ page or contact us directly. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!


    Founded in 1991, Full Service Production Company is a visual storyteller. From movies to commercials, Full Service Production Company provides creative direction and services for every type of production. Its services cover animation, visual effects, and motion graphics for television, web content, and other media. For your next project, contact this company to explore your casting needs. They offer 20% discounts to new clients and 15% discounts to returning clients with “Made in NY” cards.

    It offers a comprehensive package of benefits

    While many companies offer competitive perks to attract talented talent, few can match the comprehensive package of benefits provided by Entertainment Casting Services. Casting Networks is one such company. Employees enjoy a competitive benefits package and unique company perks, including yoga, meditation, cooking classes, and even free massages. The company also provides 401(k) plans and employer match, along with Additional Life Insurance and other company perks.

    It was founded in 1976

    Entertainment casting services was founded in 1976 as a small business. The company began by providing payroll services to the music and commercial industries. Later, it expanded to offer a variety of entertainment services, including casting. Today, they serve a variety of industries and have offices worldwide. To learn more, visit their website. Here are a few things to know about this company. The following are some things to know about Entertainment casting services.

    The company provides payroll and related services to the entertainment industry. Its payroll processing services include the collection of residuals from film and TV productions. The company also provides consulting services on production incentives. The company has operations in New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Toronto, and Baton Rouge, La. Founded in 1976, Entertainment casting services has offices in many major cities across the United States. In addition, its payroll division is the largest in the industry.

    The company also provides a variety of services to the entertainment casting services llc industry, including payroll and residual processing, Hr software solutions, and labor relations. The company’s headquarters are located in Burbank, California. It uses the latest trends in technologies and APIs to meet the needs of its clients. This company was founded by the same man who founded Cast & Crew. The company has a long and illustrious history in the industry.

    The company was acquired by another company in the same field. The acquisition of Media Services by Cast & Crew has given the Burbank company access to a more diverse client base. The two companies share the same mission of digitizing entertainment content. The new CEO will report to Cast & Crew CEO Eric Belcher. The acquisition will enhance the company’s services and products. There are several other companies in the entertainment industry, including HBO and Amazon Studios.

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