Entertainers Pack in DnD

    The entertainers pack dnd comes with many useful items to help you make the most of your role as a performer in D&D. It contains two costume changes, a disguise kit, a bedroll, 5 candles, 5 days of rations, a water bottle, 16 cards, and a backpack.


    When it comes to bard classes, the entertainers pack dnd makes a lot of sense, but the Diplomat’s pack has its own benefits. It contains items that are particularly useful to bards who engage in negotiation. Ultimately, the decision to get a Diplomat’s pack comes down to personal preference and what kind of character you are playing.


    The Entertainer’s Pack contains items to aid in performance. In addition to costumes, it contains a disguise kit and rations for two days. An Entertainer can perform by himself or herself, but he or she must also pack some supplies. The Entertainer’s Pack also includes an improvised tent, a bedroll, and five candles.

    Cost of Diplomat’s Pack

    The cost of a diplomat’s pack for entertainers will vary depending on the items you purchase. The disguise kit and perfume will raise the cost. Similarly, a diplomat’s pack will increase in cost if you choose to buy nicer clothes. The quality of the clothes will also increase the price.

    Cost of Entertainer’s Pack

    The entertainers pack dnd and the Diplomat’s pack are both useful for bards. The Entertainer’s pack has items useful for entertaining while the Diplomat’s pack contains items useful for negotiation. In general, both packs increase the cost of a character. For example, a diplomat’s clothing costs 15 gp more than an entertainer’s pack.

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