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    Dtp entertainment logo was founded in 1995 by Thomas Baur. The company is one of the largest publishers and developers in Germany. Their games span four different categories: role-playing games, action and stealth titles, lifestyle sims, and classic adventure games. Its logo displays its company name, which is written in German and appears on the right side of the logo.

    The company began as Dtp entertainment logo, which later became a major player in the children’s games industry. The company then acquired German studios 4Head and House of Tales, both of which had well-localized adventure games. Another subsidiary, ANACONDA, was established in 2005 and reintegrated during the year 2008. The company has also created several new game studios and franchises. In 2007, dtp acquired Shoebox, a PC games studio in Hamburg.

    In the 1990s, dtp entertainment AG was founded in Hamburg, Germany. It was known for publishing adventure games and creating innovative marketing campaigns. At its peak, the company published many German-developed games. It also acted as a video game distributor. The company is still a popular game publisher in Germany.

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