DQ Entertainment (International) – Probability of Bankruptcy

    The dq entertainment bankrupt INT Probability of (PoB) is a key measure of the company’s risk of going under in the next two years. It is calculated by adjusting the Altman Z Score and using company filings to calculate the risk of future financial difficulties.

    It has been said that DQ Entertainment, an animation company based in India, has gone under. The company produced films such as Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. In the wake of this bankruptcy, the company’s five directors have been appointed as personal liable for the company’s debts. The company’s debt level is questionable.

    The company’s dq entertainment bankrupt has led to the immediate termination of over one thousand employees. It is not yet clear what caused the bankruptcy, but employees claim the company has not paid salaries to its 1,400 employees for at least eight months. They have also accused the company of harassing them when they have asked for payment. In some cases, employees have taken legal action against the company’s Managing Director, Tapas Chakravarthy.

    The dq entertainment bankrupt (International) Board of Directors has set a date for a meeting to discuss unaudited financial results and other related matters. The meeting will be held on March 31, 2020. The company has also indicated that it will appoint Tapaas Chakravarti to the position of Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

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