Dark Force Entertainment’s The Big Sweat on Blu-Ray

    The first DTV action movie with an MMA-themed plot, Dark Force Entertainment The Big Sweat is a surprisingly slick and entertaining film. But like many DTV action movies, THE BIG SWEAT makes heavy use of stock footage from other productions. The film’s production team ripped over one-third of the original GONE IN 60 SECONDS (1974) and replaced the drivers with new actors.

    Ator: The Fighting Eagle

    In this action-packed fantasy adventure, Miles O’Keefe stars as the warrior Ator, the son of Thorn. He falls in love with Sunya and gains approval to marry her. When the Black Knights, the guards of the Grand Priest, discover that Sunya is engaged to another man, they kidnap her and make Ator’s life hell. To save his beloved, Ator must travel to the Temple of the Spider, where he befriends a thief named Amazon.


    A cult classic has come home on Blu-ray thanks to Dark Force Entertainment. Director Richard Taylor’s 1979 film starred Christopher Mitchum, Les Lannom, Bert Hinchman, William Watson, and Sherry Jackson. Despite its sexy subject matter, Stingray is still one of the most entertaining movies of all time. Even if it wasn’t a blockbuster, Stingray is still a must-own for fans of the 80’s genre.

    Remastered by Dark Force Entertainment, STINGRAY is a Drive-in-style cult classic. The film averages 90 mph for most of its runtime, with the only pause being in the final ten minutes. With plenty of gunfire and chases, the movie is high-gear entertainment. For fans of genre movies, STINGRAY has the right combination of style and action. While it’s a bit violent and gory, it is an enjoyable movie for the whole family to watch.

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