Cirrus Aircraft Adds Tech Pubs to Flightdocs

    The Cirrus Aircraft Company is one of the leaders in the connected aircraft space, with the cirrus tech pubs IQ mobile app that offers remote communication with the pilot and aircraft systems. The company plans to add Tech Pubs, as well as a Find Us feature, to the app by 2021. With over 750 aircraft and 2,000 active users, Cirrus Aircraft is ramping up its engineering and technical services. It recently opened innovation centers in McKinney, Texas, and Chandler, Arizona. In addition to these facilities, it has added third-party flight training to its flight training centers in Greater Dallas and Greater Orlando.

    Cirrus Aircraft

    You may have heard of Cirrus Aircraft tech pubs, but did you know that Cirrus is now part of the Flightdocs family? With the Flightdocs subscription, you can now access technical publications and regulatory content for all of Cirrus’s aircraft. You can also find out about new service and maintenance options, as well as how to schedule a maintenance appointment. In the tech pubs section, you will also find helpful information regarding the aircraft’s maintenance and inspection requirements.

    Cirrus Tech

    The Cirrus Design Technical Publications department develops and produces manuals for aircraft maintenance, pilot’s operating handbooks, component maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other documents. Cirrus produces several series of publications each month. Users can find the latest issue of Cirrus Tech Pubs by signing up for the company’s newsletter. The Cirrus Tech Pubs newsletter provides users with up-to-date information about Cirrus aircraft and services.

    Cirrus IQ

    The Cirrus SR Series continues to be the leading single-engine piston aircraft on the market. With over eight thousand aircraft in production, the SR Series continues to set the bar for flying comfort. New features for the SR Series include nine knots of speed, new convenience features, and striking new exterior paint colors. Owners can also upgrade the look of their aircraft with a variety of leather options. The new Cirrus IQ app features a status screen, Tech Pubs, Maintenance Minder, My Trips, and a Warranty section.

    Cirrus Approach

    The Cirrus Approach to tech pubs is customer focused and responsive to the needs of clients. The company understands the challenges new turbine operators face, and aims to tailor their sessions to ensure that they gain a thorough understanding of their aircraft and ATP standards. As a result, it offers tailored training courses for both new and experienced turbine operators. The company also ramps up its engineering and technical services, and is opening innovation centers in Phoenix and Chandler.


    If you’re looking to learn the procedures of your Cirrus aircraft, the interactive Flight Operations Manual (iFOM) at Cirrus Tech Pubs is the solution. This unique manual features step-by-step guidance on procedural flying. The app has user-friendly navigation, demonstration videos, and expanded descriptions of standard procedures. Plus, you can use it on your computer and download it to your tablet. Even better, it’s free!

    Cirrus TS

    Considering the tiny optical thickness of cirrus, the problem of IR/SWI and TS cirrus tech pubs is similar to those of safety innovations for vehicles. When seatbelts were first mandated, some people argued that they weren’t necessary or were “risk compensation”. Now that we have more advanced technology, we are seeing much stronger effects of IR/SWI and TS pubs in high-resolution imagery.

    Cirrus XI Design Studio

    The Cirrus XI Design Studio has introduced new paint schemes, premium leather interiors, and more. The new aircraft has many features that enhance its customization potential. Customers can work with designers to create their own unique aircraft interior, logo, or family crest. The Cirrus XI is perfect for those who want to customize their travel experience. They can also use the Cirrus IQ to track maintenance and receive notifications when there are issues with their aircraft.

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