C-JeS Entertainment

    C-JeS Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company that manages a wide variety of artists. Its roster of artists includes the popular boy band JYJ, singer Gummy, and actors Sol Kyung-gu and Ryu Jun-yeol. Actresses Moon So-ri and Ra Mi-ran are also represented by the company. The company is based in Seoul, South Korea.

    C-JeS Entertainment is known for their new artist development system called M.I.C., and several trainees have already received casting offers from top domestic entertainment companies. Some of them have also received soccer player contracts and won national figure skating competitions. To follow the trainees’ progress, you can follow their official Instagram account, @madeincjes. They’re expected to release their profile in early 2019.

    C-JeS Entertainment represents some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. Their clients include Ryu Jun-yeol, Hwang Seung-gi, Jo Sung-ho, and Hwang Jung-eum. They also represent Gummy, Lee Jae-wook, and Hong Sisters.

    Currently, C-JeS has eight trainees in its ranks, all of them male. The number of members has not been officially confirmed. The company was founded by Baek Chang-ju, who saw the need for a management company for the members of the popular boy band JYJ. Its roster also includes actor Ryu Jun-yeol, and actress Moon So-ri.

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