Business Haha Opens Restaurant With Co-Star Kim Jong Kook

    Korean entertainer business haha has long wanted to start a business of his own, and he is now doing so with a new venture. The new restaurant will feature food prepared by Haha himself, and he has already started preparing for his first event. The public has reacted well to the idea, and social media has been abuzz with the news. Haha is planning on opening locations in Busan and Hongdae.

    Haha has been working closely with his co-star Kim Jong Kook for several years. They co-host a popular Korean barbecue television show called “What’s Up YO!”, and they have partnered together on several projects, including their restaurant chain. The two also have their own radio show, “business haha and Mong’s Journey.” Haha’s career has been successful in the music industry as well, and he has also been a guest artist on other music shows.

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