Business Cat Meme

    If you’re looking for a cool sticker to cover your phone, consider buying the meme business cat. These awesome stickers can be used on almost any surface. They can be placed on a laptop, phone case, or guitar, or placed on walls and windows. They’re also perfect for water bottles. They come in white, black, and transparent varieties.

    The meme business cat parodies the popular British and American TV show “The Office.” The image features a cat in a suit and tie. It was created on March 7th, 2011, by an anonymous webmaster. Memes created with the Business Cat image can be easily personalized by adding custom text and images.

    Emilio, the cat in the meme business cat image, is the subject of several online forums. He was adopted from a BARC animal shelter in May 2010. His owners had to use a laser pointer to take the photos, and the infamous tie photo resulted from an unfortunate Christmas present. No one knows who created the original meme business cat image, but it was soon copied and pasted around the web.

    The Business Cat image macro series is one of the most popular memes. It features a black cat in a tie in a background of starbursts, with text that is reminiscent of office bosses. The messages are usually a request for a promotion or other business task. This meme has gone viral and now boasts over 40 million fans.

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