Bob Webb, David Ingram, Andy Ross Leave Ingram Entertainment

    The family of home bob webb ingram entertainment people is getting smaller by the day. Bob Webb, David Ingram, and Andy Ross have all left the company, leaving only a few to carry on the legacy. The news is even more heartbreaking, as the family has shrunk to a few. But Bill Ross remained at Ingram Entertainment, and the company was lucky to have him. Read on to learn more about him and the company.

    David Ingram

    Bob webb ingram entertainment recently appointed David Ingram as the new company’s president. Ingram previously worked for Ingram as a vice president of special markets and major accounts. He oversaw an aggressive supermarket video program. Ingram succeeds John Taylor, who had been the company’s president and chief executive officer. Ingram declined to comment on why Taylor left the company. The company subsequently named Bob Webb as senior vice president of purchasing and operations.

    Ingram Entertainment has a stable financial status and is a leading national distributor of home entertainment products. The company services more than 10,000 retail accounts across the country. It is based in La Vergne, Tennessee and has 21 locations across the country. Its products include video games, mobile accessories, and licensed merchandise. The company offers an extensive selection of products and has an extensive marketing program to support retailers. Ingram’s executives are well-versed in the changing landscape of the retail industry.

    Despite the challenging market conditions, David Ingram and Bob Webb are optimistic about the future. Their companies have experienced a recent boost in sales since the introduction of the DVD format in 1997. The DVD format allowed Hollywood to resell movies in an improved format. And, with Blu-ray technology now available, the company hopes to maintain its momentum. This investment could be a game changer for the company.

    As a perfectionism, Ingram’s father, E. Bronson, took over the family business from his father, Orrin Henry “Hank” Ingram, who was a Vanderbilt Board of Trust member from 1952 to 1963. Although he died in 1995, Ingram’s father left a legacy of generosity to Vanderbilt University, where his wife, Martha Rivers, now holds the former position. David’s father had taught him to work hard and play hard and is now credited for the success of the business.

    While Ingram Entertainment continues to thrive under Bob Webb, David Ingram’s vision for the school remains unchanged. As a result, David Ingram’s leadership of Ingram Distribution Group will remain as the company’s chairman. In addition to their two-tiered company structure, Ingram also continues to grow and adapt. There are new initiatives underway, including the renaming of two executive roles.

    Robert Geistman

    Ingram Entertainment Inc. is a leading distributor of home bob webb ingram entertainment products. The company services more than ten thousand retail accounts, including drugstores, grocery stores, video specialty stores, and internet retailers. The company maintains a National Sales and Service Center in Des Moines, Iowa, which is able to handle more than five thousand phone calls daily. Ingram Entertainment offers a variety of online and phone support options, including order status updates, shipment tracking, and other special needs.

    Ingram Entertainment Holdings Inc. distributes home entertainment products through 14 locations nationwide. The company provides services to supermarkets, electronics stores, and videogame retailers, and has more than a billion dollars in sales each year. In 2011, the company processed over 100 million units of DVDs, as well as DVD software. The company also has a beverage distribution business, Monarch Home Video, and a number of other subsidiaries.

    Robert Geistman Promoted to Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

    Bob webb ingram entertainment Inc. has announced a management shakeup. Robert W. Webb has been promoted to president while Robert A. Geistman is promoted to executive VP of sales and marketing. W. Donnie Daniel has been named vice chairman. The company has revenues of $549 million for 2011 and services more than 35,000 storefronts through a network of more than 6,000 distributors.

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