Black Tie Sports Spine

    BlackTie Sports Spine is a USA Cycling club. We promote competitive cycling in the Milford area. Our cycling team is registered and we deliver. Our team members enjoy a variety of sports and we have a delivery service available to get your equipment to you. We are dedicated to helping our members improve their sport. We deliver bicycles, skis, and other equipment to the Milford area. If you live in the Milford area, consider joining.

    Black Tie Sports/Spine is a Registered USA Cycling Club

    The Black Tie Sports/Spine cycling club is a local registered USA Cycling club that promotes competitive cycling in the Milford, CT area. Black Tie offers competitive cycling to its members and the surrounding community, and many of the members are avid cyclists. Members compete against each other at local cycling races. In addition to racing, members also enjoy playing social games and socializing with their teammates.

    We Deliver Skis

    The idea of BlackTie Sports delivering skis and snowboards to your door may not sound like a revolutionary business, but it’s a good one. The company offers a convenient service that makes it easy to rent equipment in a new location. You can choose to have your equipment delivered to your doorstep in Aspen, Snowmass, or Highlands. Whether you’re renting for a family outing or a big skiing trip, Black Tie delivers to the area.

    BlackTie Sports offers premium ski and snowboard rental services that deliver your equipment to your doorstep. They even offer custom fittings and hassle-free returns. Their service ensures a seamless experience for you and your family. They also offer a range of rental clothing, helmets, and boots, so you can ski and snowboard in style without having to worry about fitting issues. And because they offer ski rentals at competitive prices, you can get a range of great deals when you choose Black Tie Sports.

    With more than a dozen delivery locations, Blacktie Sports has expanded its inventory and service to meet the needs of its customers. Currently, the company offers 110 pairs of adult skis and snowboards, and has plans to add new brands on a regular basis. Besides skis, Blacktie Sports also carries Pret helmets and premium boots. If you’re looking to rent skis, Blacktie is the perfect choice.

    As part of their comprehensive ski rental services, Black Tie Sports offers custom in-room fittings. The technicians at Black Tie Sports take into account your current ability, stats, and snow conditions before providing the best fitting equipment. The service also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your skis and snowboards are in perfect condition. You’ll be skiing in no time! The service and personalized service that Black Tie provides is unbeatable.

    We Have a Delivery Service

    If you’re planning a ski or snowboarding trip in Beaver Creek or Vail, you can order your equipment from BlackTie Sports and have it delivered right to your door! The delivery service is a convenient way to pick up and return your rental equipment. The Black Tie Sports delivery team can even provide replacements and adjustments for you! If you don’t want to wait in line, you can order your equipment online and have it delivered to your door in a matter of minutes.

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