“Attero Tech Und40 – Setting Up a Dante Network Interface

    QSC is a global leader in audio, designing high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, and digital cinema solutions. QSC is known for its innovative solutions, flexible design, and customer-oriented approach. Its global sales network and unwavering commitment to quality make QSC the leading brand in audio. The company was founded in 2001 by 11 engineers, who strive to provide customers with cost-effective and innovative audio networking endpoints.

    Device name must be unique for each channel on a Dante device

    Regardless of the number of channels on a Dante device, the name must be unique. A Dante device with a low number of channels may have higher latency than one with a high number of channels. When setting up a Dante network, it is important to consider the current bandwidth available to the Dante network. If the total bandwidth is too high, it can interfere with clock synchronization. The following sections explain how to avoid problems with network performance.

    To ensure synchronization, devices must advertise the quality and source of their clock. The Dante network uses a distributed Master Clock election protocol to choose the best clock. A device with the highest quality clock is elected Master Clock. Other devices synchronize to the Master Clock. This means that Dante devices don’t need to manually assign a Master Clock. A device with a high-quality clock will always be chosen as the Master.

    Changing the name of a Dante device is simple. You can edit its name in the ‘Device Name’ section of the Dante Controller. If it isn’t there, you can manually enter the Dante device name in the Dante Control Panel. Make sure you type the name exactly as it appears in the Dante controller. Additionally, you can find the Control ID name in the ‘Network Config’ tab of the Dante device.

    When setting up a Dante network, you need to specify the source and destination of the audio stream. In Dante, this is known as a ‘flow’. A Dante device can have a maximum of eight channels. If more than one channel is present, the subscription will fail. If not, you will need to manually assign an IP address. Then, you can try renaming a device if it is incompatible with the secondary network.

    Dante devices can also use multicast flows to send audio to a third Dante device. Multicast flows allow multiple Dante devices to receive a single transmit flow. To learn more, check out Audinate’s video on multicast flows. It will help you set up your Dante network correctly. Once you’ve set up the Dante network, you should be able to connect your Dante devices to it.

    Supported models

    The attero tech und40 is a Dante(tm)/AES67 audio network interface with four balanced line-level outputs, PoE capability, and a small form factor. Its PoE capability eliminates the need for analog wiring and lets you connect to multiple devices from one location. Supported models for attero tech und40 are listed below. If you’re unsure which model you need, simply contact the manufacturer’s support team.

    The first thing to note is that the name of the channel must be unique for each device. This is true for DAN-1 cards and Tesira server inputs. The same applies for the DAN-1 inputs on SERVER-IO devices. You can change the name of the channel in the Attero Tech tesira software if you want to use it with your existing system.

    If you want to route multiple Dante input blocks to one wall plate, you can do so with the help of multiple Tesira servers. The wall plate’s Dante controller supports multiple Attero Tech input blocks. The Dante network can support up to eight 4-channel wall plates. In addition to being a multi-channel system, you can even use multiple partitions and firmware updates using the Attero Tech input blocks.

    In addition to Dante support, the Und40 comes with Tesira’s own software and support team. This software enables you to manage your Dante network and create a network for your audio system. Once your system is up and running, you can install your Attero tesira-certified software. This is a one-time cost and will give you peace of mind.

    Bluetooth compatibility

    Two new Bluetooth audio interfaces from Attero Tech are now shipping. Don’t get these confused with the consumer-grade Bluetooth interfaces – they are designed specifically for commercial AV systems, like Dante network audio monitors. The first of these is a single-gang decora form factor that provides balanced analog audio outputs. It’s bus-powered for easy installation, and works with virtually any audio system. It’s a good choice for restaurants, ballrooms, sports facilities, spas, and more. Bluetooth compatibility of the und40 is also very good, because it works with most iOS devices, Android tablets, and smartphones.

    For those in the business of music monitoring, the unDNEMO-BT from Attero Tech is the ideal solution. It features a built-in microphone and speaker, and supports 64 channels of Dante audio. It can even serve as a hands-free USB soft conferencing device. Bluetooth compatibility, full-duplex USB audio connectivity, and a rear-panel 3.5 mm TRS auxiliary line input make this device an excellent choice.”


    Attero Tech Und40 Bluetooth Headphones

    If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker, then you’ve probably heard of the attero tech und40. But what’s the big deal about these headphones? Read on to learn more about this versatile device. It is powered by Bluetooth 4.1, making it one of the most popular wireless headphones available today. With this feature, you can easily connect your headphones to your smartphone or other device using Bluetooth. Its high-quality speaker and excellent audio performance are guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

    Attero Tech Bluetooth

    Attero Tech recently released a major firmware update for its unD6IO-BT, an integrated 4-channel audio wall plate with a Bluetooth audio receiver. This device provides both standard A2DP Bluetooth streaming media and a new Bluetooth Call Bridging mode. The latter mode enables cell phone calls to be routed via the network. This update will make it easier to use both the audio plate and Bluetooth devices for audio streaming.


    If you’re looking for a Dante audio interface, then the new attero tech und40 undx2io+ might be the right device for you. The multi-IO wall box features two balanced XLR line inputs and outputs on the side. Each input and output can be used simultaneously, and the audio channels are independently selectable. The unDX2IO+ is PoE enabled, and all of its connectivity is provided by a single CAT-5/6 cable. Its compact size makes it easy to place Dante(tm) connectivity wherever you need it.


    The Attero Tech by QSC AXPIO combines a single-gang wallplate with an expander to provide point-to-point analog audio extension over CAT-5. Its dual Flex I/O channels, RS-232 control, and control integration into your network AV system make it the perfect choice for point-to-point analog audio extension. Its single-gang wallplate can be paired with up to two Axio expanders for seamless integration of portable audio devices.

    Axon d2i

    The Attero Tech by QSC Axon D2i audio interface offers a variety of features to enhance your audio experience. The D2i can be easily integrated into your system using the Q-SYS extension, exposing audio control and signal monitoring capabilities without programming. The Q-SYS Designer Software v8.4 is not required to use this device, but the user must purchase a license from QSC, LLC 2020.

    The Axon D2i wall plate offers two analog audio inputs. The wall plate features Decora faceplates and fascia inserts to maximize design flexibility. Its Axiom port allows you to connect your analog audio devices and peripheral Axiom devices. It is also designed to integrate into a Q-SYS Ecosystem. Unlike other products in the marketplace, the D2i can be mounted in a rack or under a table.


    The Attero Tech und6io is a wireless Bluetooth audio receiver that supports Audio Video Remote Control Protocol (AVRCP). It bridges supported transport control commands to allow you to control connected devices over a wireless network. This device features remote playback control for your music player and supports controls such as Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute. You can also adjust the volume, balance, and other audio settings with the unD6IO’s bundled software.

    The unD6IO-BT is the latest in Attero Tech’s line of networked AV connectivity solutions. Its integrated Bluetooth audio receiver allows you to stream music wirelessly from a variety of Bluetooth devices. Its intuitive setup process makes pairing easy, and it features 3.5mm stero analog inputs and outputs, as well as two balanced analog outputs on the side. This device makes for a great BYOD interface.


    Axon’s D2FLEXio offers cost-effective analog audio connectivity and easy integration into your networked AV system. The versatile analog audio I/O offers a selectable switch for input or output audio connectivity. This enables a single product solution for cost-effective analog audio conversion. This product is ideal for connecting power amplifiers, powered speakers, in-ear monitor transmitters, and consumer level DJ gear.

    Attero Tech Unxp2o

    The Attero Tech unDX2IO+ wall plate supports two-channel or four-channel Dante inputs. The number of wall plate devices supported depends on the total number of inputs. In case of dual-channel wall plates, you can connect up to 16 wall plates. In case of four-channel wall plates, you can connect up to eight wall plates. To configure the device, you will need to install the Tesira software.

    You can also route a single wall plate to multiple Attero Tech input blocks in the Dante Controller. When doing so, you will create multiple ConMon connections for that wall plate. The control behavior is not synchronized across these blocks. You can also use these input blocks for signal splitting within a Tesira layout, and update the firmware of your Attero Tech products. The installation guide is available online.

    Attero Tech Bluetooth Wall Plate

    The unD6IO-BT is the latest addition to Attero Tech’s line of innovative Dante wall plates. This 4-channel audio wall plate features an integrated Bluetooth audio receiver, and supports standard A2DP Bluetooth streaming media. Additionally, it has two balanced analog outputs on side-mounted Phoenix connectors, making it the perfect BYOD interface. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth audio wall plate, you’ll be happy to know that it supports Bluetooth Call Bridging mode.

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