Atlantis Health Services NPI

    The Atlantis Health Services NPI report contains personal information about the organization, such as its name and tax identification number. You can also access this report if you are interested in knowing more about the company. This report is publicly available and should be considered a good source of information for any organization. You can learn about the organization’s tax-exempt status, contact information, and more. To obtain the NPI for Atlantis Health Services, you can visit the website of the organization.

    Atlantis Health Care Group Puerto Rico, Inc

    Atlantis health services npi Care Group Puerto Rico, INC is a for-profit dialysis facility in Isabela, PR. The company offers in-center hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and home hemodialysis training. This health care provider also participates in Medicare programs. Although it is a for-profit health care provider, it is recognized as a Medicare Certified agency.

    The company provides hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation services to people living in Puerto Rico with kidney disease. Additionally, Atlantis provides social services. Its mission is to provide quality, affordable dialysis care for patients with a variety of conditions, including end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

    Atlantis Rehabilitation & Rhcf

    Located in Brooklyn, NY, Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential HCF offers skilled nursing care to patients suffering from various conditions. The staff of this facility includes licensed care professionals who provide a range of therapeutic therapies to patients. They help them attain their personal goals through various programs. In addition, they help patients improve their quality of life. Here, you can find information on the therapies and programs available at this facility. Further, learn about the licensed care professionals who are available to help you.

    Dr. Frederick S Sherman

    Atlantis health services npi is affiliated with board-certified physicians like Dr. Frederick S Sherman. Sherman has been practicing medicine for eight years and has extensive training in electronic health records and Medicare’s physician quality reporting system. He welcomes patients’ questions and is accepting of Medicare payment. Medicare patients should be aware that the physician will not bill them more than the deductible or coinsurance that they owe.

    Atlantis Health Services NPI number belongs to Frederick Sherman. He practices in four different locations in Atlantis. His office is located at 1127 UNIVERSITY BLVD NE. Sherman is a board-certified gastroenterologist and a member of GI Alliance, which represents more than 600 gastroenterologists in eleven states. This doctor also practices in Port Orange, Jupiter, and Palm Beach, FL.

    In order to accept Medicare, Dr. Frederick Sherman is registered with Medicare. He accepts Medicare-covered services but does not accept the full amount. Medicare beneficiaries are responsible for coinsurance and other payments at the time of service. In addition, Frederick Sherman has hospital affiliations at Jfk Medical Center and Wellington Regional Medical Center. Aside from accepting Medicare patients, he also accepts private-pay insurance.

    Atlantis Health Services is a home health care provider located in Miami, Florida. It has an NPI location and is a member of Florida’s Association of Home Health Care Providers. There are no reviews or directories for this home health provider online. If you’re looking for a family doctor in the area, Atlantis Health Services may be right for you.

    Contact Information

    The National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) maintains a NPI record for each health care provider. Under the Freedom of Information Act, you can request copies of any health care provider’s NPI. Atlantis health services NPI is also available to the public. To request a copy, you should know who represents the organization and have valid reasons for requesting it.

    For patients requiring kidney dialysis, Atlantis Health Services, LLC in Dallas, TX provides top-notch care for all members of the family. Their board-certified family medicine physicians are experienced in diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions. You can also get more information on their website, which includes their NPI number. They are a member of the Florida Association of Home Health Care Providers.

    To request an NPI, you must have the first and last name of the person authorized to submit an application for the NPI. You must also have a 10-position telephone number for the person to change the NPS data. Lastly, you should provide the code that the health provider uses to identify himself. This code is available under the Healthcare Provider Taxonomy code list and is used to identify the healthcare provider.

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