Arena Sports Dash – A Fun, Affordable, and Easy-To-Use Software Solution For Managing Sports Facilities

    If you’re looking for a fun, affordable, and easy-to-use software solution for managing sports facilities, the DASH Platform from arena sports dash may be just what you need. With a few clicks, you can set up and manage all of your sports facilities with one integrated platform. You can easily access reports, manage memberships, and even track players’ stats – all in one place! Read on to learn more!


    Rules of Arena Sports Dash are a two-player game where players lead a team of athletes in a futuristic, fast-paced sport. Players roll dice to move figures and score points by scoring goals and tackling opponents. They move their figures one die at a time, and each number represents how many spaces they have to travel. Players move their figures in a straight line but can also turn and change directions, depending on their die.

    Players start by choosing a team and arena. Attacking figures take the first turn and place their figures in the starting positions. They may use a single die to control two figures. After each turn, players place a disk on the board, called the Main Disk Spawner. Each figure has one chance to throw a disk, and a goal is scored when the disk reaches the scoring gate. Players may use Boosters to boost their figures’ stats.




    Whether you are an athlete, parent, or club manager, the Arena Sports Dash app makes managing and monitoring your sports facilities simple and intuitive. Users can create an account and add family members. Subscriptions to recurring events can be created, so you can see details about your team’s schedule without having to search for them. You can subscribe to as many events as you like and see who is participating. To register, you simply log into the app and enter the necessary information.

    The Dash platform is the all-in-one sports facility management software solution that makes complex facility management simple. It combines program management, scheduling, point of sale payment processing, and decision-support analytics in one application. Dash was founded in 2002 and has quickly grown into a leading software management solution for sports facilities. The company has more than four hundred locations throughout the world. If you’re interested in finding a sports management software solution that will meet your unique needs, contact Dash today!


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    The DASH Platform is a software solution for managing sports facilities. The company offers a variety of sports-related solutions for organizations that operate sports facilities. Whether you’re a sports complex owner or manager, the arena sports dash Platform will simplify the task of running your facility. The software provides comprehensive management, billing, and reporting capabilities to sports facilities. Users can manage every aspect of their facility from the front office to the back office, without the need to hire an IT team or hire an IT manager.

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