Apploff Entertainment Signs Deal With Lionsgate

    President and CEO of Apploff Entertainment, Jeff Apploff focuses on producing innovative content in world-class formats and platforms. The company is often associated with groundbreaking television shows and films, and consistently works with leading broadcast networks and celebrities. It has also been involved with numerous TV series and film productions, including the award-winning BEAT SHAZAM and its third season. In addition, Apploff also produces original series for Fox, such as Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

    For his latest venture, Jeff Apploff has signed a deal with Lionsgate Television to produce original non-scripted shows under the Apploff Entertainment banner. The agreement will give the studio the exclusive rights to Apploff Entertainment’s content. Lionsgate will invest up to $40 million to produce the series and acquire the content. For more information, visit the official website. The company also has a YouTube channel and plans to expand its presence into more genres.

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