Al Capone Business Card

    Whether you’re looking for an al capone business card or just want to know more about this infamous gangster, this article will give you the information you need. Learn about Al Capone’s career, famous quotes, and place of birth. Then, pick up one of his business cards or collect one of his many memorabilia items. If you are a fan of his work, you’ll appreciate the fact that you have a chance to own a unique piece of history.

    Al Capone Occupation

    The occupation that appeared on Al Capone’s business card is somewhat controversial. Although his business card stated that he was a used furniture dealer, his actual occupation was something entirely different. His brother was a doctor. So what exactly was Al Capone’s occupation? In this article, we’ll explore what the information actually means, and how we can interpret it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy learning more about one of Chicago’s most notorious gangsters.

    Although his criminal activities were highly publicized, the public embraced him as a self-made gangster-millionaire. He even became a celebrity and tried to strike a balance between his criminal activities and his broader social and political standing. After all, he was the first person to greet Charles Lindbergh on his arrival in Chicago in 1927. His public image won him many admirers, especially among the poor in Chicago. Moreover, he was regarded as a good neighbor, often lending money to those in need.

    Despite his criminal background, his business card does not prove his true occupation. His occupation on his business card is actually quite bizarre. The reputed gangster did a great deal of illegal activity, and he would never have intended to call himself a “furniture dealer” – despite the fact that his business card actually read “used furniture dealer.”

    Al Capone Famous Quotes

    One way to promote yourself and your business is to print some of Al Capone famous quotes on your business card. You can include quotes on topics ranging from blood and death to capitalism to humor and trouble. You can even include quotes about the Chicago mob. There’s something for every type of business owner. Here are a few ideas. Read through some of these quotes to determine which ones will be most effective for you.

    One of the most interesting quotes from Al Capone’s prison sentence is “I’m the most famous prisoner in the world.” He was only thirty when he was imprisoned. He was fat, powerful, and had a receding hairline. Yet, he managed to keep his smile. As a result, he had numerous photos of himself taken and even became a celebrity.

    Al Capone Death

    If you have ever seen an Al Capone death on a business card, you know how dangerous he was. His gambling dens and whorehouses were a constant source of trouble, so he was no stranger to police raids. But the gangster was also well-connected and feared by the police. His criminal activities became even more serious, and the authorities soon teamed up with him to sabotage the city’s election process. However, the Chicago Police were unable to find enough evidence to prosecute him and so Capone was released and eventually convicted.

    Although he was born in Brooklyn, New York, Al Capone was very adolescent when he was killed at a young age. His parents had immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy, and he was the fourth child. He had dropped out of school at fourteen after striking a teacher. His first jobs included candy store clerks, bowling alley pinboys, and labourers in an ammunition plant. He was also a member of the South Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors.

    Al Capone Place of Birth

    A biography of Al Capone often includes the place of his birth on it. Although he lived in Chicago for most of his life, he was born in Brooklyn, New York. Capone’s parents immigrated to the US from Naples, Italy, in 1893. As a teenager, he was already involved in two gangs. After quitting school, he worked as a candy store clerk, pinboy, and cutter at a bookbindery. He later became part of the Five Points gang, which included the notorious Lucky Luciano.

    Although Al Capone was infamous for his gangster activities, his business card did not reflect it. In fact, his card would probably have mentioned that he was a furniture dealer. But his real occupation was as a mobster. He was reputed to have robbed, murdered, and stolen millions of dollars. As a result, his business card would not have included his exact place of birth.

    Al Capone Home

    An Al Capone home business card has an unusual and intriguing title: “Furniture Merchant.” But what exactly does the word “furniture merchant” mean? It has two meanings: being equipped and mentally cultivated. The first definition is not very figurative. The second is actually an oversimplified version of the word “laundry”. Apparently, Capone also owned a laundry network. In his business card, he claimed to sell household items like beds, tables, and chairs.

    The other definition of “used furniture dealer” relates to Capone’s identity. He claimed to be a furniture dealer on his business card, but that was not the truth. Al Capone was a mafia kingpin and one of the most notorious criminals in American history. In order to rise to power, he murdered and smuggled drugs. Moreover, he failed to file taxes for his furniture business and ended up in prison.

    The gangster’s story begins as a teenager. He joined the Five Corners extortion and illegal gambling organization. He was later joined by Giovanni Torrio, “Papa Johnny” and “Fox,” a Cosa Nostra theorist. After leaving the prison, Capone moved to Chicago with his associates. The gang members who were still alive had already committed two murders.

    Al Capone Fun Facts

    While you’re thinking about designing a business card for your client, consider including a few fun facts about Al Capone on it. Although Capone is well-known as a notorious gangster, he was also a wealthy family man. His reputation as a high-class criminal caught the attention of Herbert Hoover and Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury. After a series of infamous crimes, Capone was placed on America’s “Most Wanted” list.

    In addition to a colorful and intriguing design, the business card features fun facts about Al Capone. For example, it reveals that the notorious gangster once claimed to be a furniture dealer, and that his brother was a doctor. His business card was a fun way to remember some of his wilder exploits. And as for his business card? It was a real treat to discover that he once tried to make money by selling used furniture.

    While most gangsters began their criminal careers as young children, Al was not. He was born in Brooklyn and was associated with a notorious street gang with Johnny Torrio and Lucky Luciano. Even before his criminal career began, he was a respected member of his family. Eventually, he made millions working in various illegal activities. The gang’s rivalry with the North Side Gang eventually led to the rise of Al Capone.

    Al Capone Nicknames

    A man’s business card can tell the story of his life, and an al capone business card is no exception. The crime lord was known for his sleazy dealings, but it was his reputation for being ruthless that earned him numerous nicknames. The nickname Al Capone earned was “Boss,” and he used it often, particularly on the back of his cards.

    One of the most memorable and enduring nicknames for Al Capone was “Bobby”, as he listed his occupation as “secondhand furniture dealer.” While he had a reputation for murdering and robbing people for money, he also had a reputation for style. He sent hundreds of dollars worth of flowers to the funerals of important people. In one incident, he and his men shot a woman, but she was not killed. Al Capone personally paid for her hospital bills.

    Another infamous Al Capone business card nickname is “Scarface.” This is a reference to the incident in Brooklyn where he was slashed in the face by Frank Gallucio, a rival gang member. The name stuck and Capone hid his scarred face. He later claimed that the scars were actually war wounds from his time in the Spanish Civil War. Al Capone, however, was a man who lived with many regrets.

    Al Capone Known Associates

    A picture of Al Capone’s business card has long been a mystery. This infamous gangster was known for many criminal activities. The business card for Al Capone would have said something like “used furniture dealer”. The gangster’s brother was a doctor. But how would anyone know what his business card really said? And who exactly would own his items? That is the question that has intrigued historians for decades.

    Capone’s life of crime began while he was still a teenager. He joined two gangs and petty crimes. He quit school at the age of six after punching his teacher and worked odd jobs in Brooklyn. After joining the Five Points Gang, he was a bouncer and bartender. While working in the gang, he was slashed in the face during a fight over a girl.

    Capone met his first wife at a dance in 1917. They were married on December 30, 1918, and had a son, Sonny, a few months later. Hart’s business card also includes his mother’s business card. The family lived in Brooklyn for about a year before moving to Amityville. He was living near “Rum Row” at the time. In 1919, Capone was working for Frankie Yale, who was a mob boss in Chicago. Yale sent him to Chicago with the intention that he “cool off” a little. However, he had no idea that Capone would eventually become the most notorious gangster in modern American history.

    Al Capone's Business Card

    An Al Capone business card might be one of the first pieces of criminal history we learn about. The notorious gangster was renowned for his criminal activities, but his business card would probably say something like, “Used furniture dealer”. This might seem odd, given that he was rumored to have engaged in a wide variety of criminal activities. In reality, Al Capone was actually a furniture dealer, but his business card would have said a lot more.

    Al Capone's business card

    Despite being an infamous gangster, Al Capone had a business card. The card listed his business as “used furniture dealer.” You might be wondering where he obtained such a card, and the answer is simple: at the Smithsonian! He supposedly sold used furniture as a way to make money, and his penis is in the museum. However, if you’d like to get more information about this infamous gangster, read this article.

    The word “equipped” means “prepared,” or “mental cultivation”. In the case of Al Capone, this was a reference to his infamous crime spree. His business card claimed he sold furniture for the home, including tables, chairs, beds, and cabinets. This is a reversal from his previous job as a government agent. He was also involved in a fight with Frank Galluccio, who severely injured him.


    An Al Capone business card would most likely state that the man specializes in used furniture. While many people associate Al Capone with a wide range of criminal activities, his card is a great example of a classic shady character. In addition to furniture sales, Al Capone also operated a medical practice. Regardless of the business he was involved in, he would have had a unique business card describing his services.

    In the 1920s, Al Capone’s empire was estimated to be worth $62 million dollars. During his career, he cultivated a public image of himself, which has been used as the basis of many crime-related fictional characters. The man’s pinstriped suits, tilted fedora, and infamous face have inspired many gangster characters. But his image has also influenced many people’s conception of what it means to be a true gangster.


    Al Capone’s business card would have said used furniture dealer. In reality, he was a reputedly criminal, involved in a number of activities. The tax lawyer Frank Wilson testified that he did not give Mattingly any authority to make statements that could land him in prison. The jury ultimately found Capone guilty on five counts, and he was sentenced to eleven years and $50,000. This is still the harshest sentence ever handed down for tax fraud.

    In 1931, Capone was charged with 22 counts of tax evasion. As a result of his plea bargain, he agreed to pay his taxes. During negotiations, Capone admitted to evading taxes. Nevertheless, the federal government failed to stop the demand for liquor and he was sentenced to 11 years in prison. In the meantime, he developed neurosyphilis and he became increasingly debilitated.

    Investigators led by Frank Wilson uncovered a huge amount of unreported income. The team discovered that Capone had been keeping his name out of official accounting records. Finding evidence of the amount he spent was a challenge. They searched through thousands of business receipts and accounting records, and tracked down witnesses who handled the money for Capone’s gambling dens. Although the investigation revealed significant amounts of unreported income, the case against him remains a major saga.

    Despite his high income, Al Capone did not file an income tax return. He was worth $30 million in 1929, but did not file an income tax return. In the same case, bootlegger Manley Sullivan was charged with tax evasion. His Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination did not protect him. Consequently, President Herbert Hoover ordered Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon to place Capone in jail. Sullivan was summoned by Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, who also called Elmer Irey.

    Used Furniture Dealer

    Did you know that Al Capone had business cards listing him as a used furniture dealer? The notorious crime boss was not the inspiration for the Al Pacino film of the same name. His business card stated he dealt in used furniture and included a powerpoint and starter presentation, including al capone facts? Learn more about the real Al Capone by reading this fascinating article! Listed below are three fun facts about the infamous mobster.

    Many people may be shocked to learn that Al Capone sold used furniture. While he was infamous for his involvement in various criminal activities, the fact that his business card listed him as a used furniture dealer is fascinating. Interestingly, the man is said to have been involved in many different kinds of business, including a number of drug dealing operations. Despite the fact that his business card listed him as a used furniture dealer, he was accused of murder and robbery.

    Al Capone’s business card reportedly described him as a used furniture dealer. In the movie, he would later rob banks and sell stolen goods. He became the boss of a gang in Chicago and contracted the typhus virus from Alcatraz. The card also mentioned that his son, who would later become a world war two medal of honor recipient, was also a member of the mob.

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