A Collaboration Between Kim Jong Kook and Haha Business

    Kim Jong Kook and haha business have a business partnership, which is proving to be quite successful. The two have teamed up to run a Korean barbecue restaurant brand, which was originally Haha’s own. The two are now working together to revamp the restaurant. According to one source, the two’s close friendship helped expedite their business partnership. In addition, the two are already working together on other projects.

    Haha business has been involved in the food service industry for a long time. He first started off as a musician and eventually joined the cast of the popular variety show, “The Running Man”. With his Master’s degree in Drama, Haha has shown a keen interest in the food service industry and has been running his own food stall for over ten years. He has since expanded his business beyond Seoul to other South Korean cities.

    Kim Jong Kook and Haha became business partners after they met on MBC’s Infinite Challenge. The show, which was conceived and hosted by Haha and Kim, has the highest ratings for prime lineups on Saturday evening since December 2, 2006. Haha and Kim also co-host the radio program, “Haha and Mong’s Journey”.

    The new collaboration between haha business and Kim Jong-kook has led to the opening of new stores in Hongdae and Busan. The Hongdae branch was extremely popular, with many fans queuing outside. Another new branch was opened in Busan, where the actor Song Ji-hyo attended the launching event.

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