5E Diplomat and An Entertainer Packs

    An entertainer’s pack focuses on performance. The contents of this kit are a disguise kit and costumes, 2 days of rations, and a waterskin. The Entertainer’s Pack also contains various equipment, such as a compass, a map, and a whistle. It is essential to use an Entertainer’s Pack if you want to survive in remote regions. The Diplomat’s Pack, on the other hand, focuses on the diplomat’s mission.

    Entertainer's Pack vs Diplomat's Pack

    In this article, we will look at the differences between an entertainer’s pack and a diplomat’s. The Entertainer’s pack contains items for performing, such as a disguise kit and costumes, and the Diplomat’s pack contains items suited for negotiation. While both packs are helpful for a variety of purposes, you should consider the needs of each character and which one will best suit them.

    Disguise Kit

    Disguise kits allow players to adopt a false identity. These kits typically contain make up, small props, and other materials necessary to create an illusion. The player must pay for the kit from their thief guild master. The 5E DD Players Handbook lists the items in a disguise kit. These items can add to visual disguise checks as well as increase a player’s Proficiency Bonus.

    A disguise kit contains items needed to carry out various tricks and pranks. The kit also includes two costume changes, a bedroll, a mask, a tinderbox, and rations for five days. The kit also includes a water bottle and a small backpack. The disguise kit should be carried with the character in a concealed area. The disguise kit is designed to help the player perform tricks and entertain the crowd.

    A Diplomat’s Pack

    A diplomat’s pack contains many useful items for bards and cartographers. These items include sealing wax, perfume, and a disguise kit for nobility. The diplomat’s pack also includes a backpack and bedroll, two costumes, five candles, and a disguise kit. All these items make a diplomat more useful in various situations. A diplomat’s pack for entertainers costs 15 gp.

    Dnd Diplomat's Pack

    For those who like to make the most of the impromptu meetings and celebrations, the Diplomat’s Pack is an excellent choice. The pack contains everything an entertainer needs, so you can quickly reference your character inventory. The pack also includes several items specific to a diplomat, such as a mighty pen. Compared to a sword, this pen is far more powerful. You can even buy a disguise kit with the pack!

    The Diplomat’s Pack is divided into several categories. It includes a sturdy traveling chest and a small leather briefcase. Both are made of quality materials and are often emblazoned with the country or ruler’s coat of arms. The pack contains various documents, such as generic agreements and templates for new deals. It also contains a heavy ledger sealed with a padlock. The information contained within the heavy ledger can be damaging if it falls into the wrong hands.

    Explorer's pack

    The Explorer’s Pack for entertainers is designed for players who love to play tricks and have a sense of humor. It contains a variety of useful items, such as a disguise kit and costumes. This pack will also contain items that will enable the entertainer to record their adventures, such as a book of lore. Compared to the Explorer’s Pack, this one is slightly more expensive, but the gold difference is typically between 20 and 30 gold.

    The Explorer’s Pack contains an array of tools that make the role of an entertainer easy and comfortable. The tools are useful for dungeon-delving. They include a hammer and crowbar, which are ubiquitous tools. Several pitons are also useful, allowing the entertainer to explore alternate entrances or ward off ambush attempts. Lastly, a compass are also useful items.

    Explorer's Pack 5e

    An explorer’s pack is a set of gear required for a long trek. It contains everything needed for an overnight adventure, including a sleeping bag and a tent. It also contains basic equipment such as a sleeping bag and a pillow, as well as a mess kit and a tinderbox. The entertainer’s pack includes several pieces of equipment that are essential for long-term travel.

    For starters, druids receive a chain mail or leather armor, a shield, and a simple weapon or two. Fighters are equipped with chain mail or leather armor and can choose a sword or two martial weapons, a shield, and two basic weapons. They can also select an Explorer’s pack. A priest’s pack is similar to an explorer’s pack. It contains a backpack, a censer, and vestments.

    Dnd 5e Entertainer's Pack Weight

    The Entertainer’s Pack has a much smaller weight than an instrument. The Entertainer’s Pack has a disguise kit, costume, rations, and a waterskin. It’s designed for performers, and features everything needed for a night of fun. It is slightly larger than an instrument, though. Here’s a list of the items to pack in your pack.

    Entertainer 5e

    The Entertainer’s Pack is a set of supplemental items for the bard class. It includes two costume changes, a disguise kit, a bedroll, five candles, rations for five days, a waterskin, 16 cards, and a backpack. The Entertainer’s Pack also contains items to help a bard prepare for different performance scenarios. However, depending on the level of the bard’s character, the Entertainer’s Pack may not be a necessity.

    The Entertainer's Pack in World of Warcraft

    The Entertainer’s Pack is a unique type of soldier’s kit, focusing on their performance and entertainment. It includes a mask kit, costumes, and 2 days’ worth of rations. It even includes a waterskin. If you’re looking to get into the game, consider purchasing this type of pack. There are many benefits to owning this type of kit. Here’s a quick overview of each element.


    A full Entertainer’s Pack contains all the things you need to keep entertaining and performing, including two costume changes, a disguise kit, 5 candles, water, and 16 cards. The kit also includes a backpack. Each item in the pack is worth about 15 gp. If you want to travel light, you can purchase a pack with only a few items. For example, if you are an entertainer, you can use the Entertainer’s Kit to take the party wherever they go. It’s also possible to buy the Diplomat’s Pack, which contains things that are necessary for negotiation.


    What’s included in an Entertainer’s Pack? It includes two costume changes, a disguise kit, rations for 5 days, a water bottle, and 16 cards. It also includes items you’d need for a night of performance, including candles and a water-bottle. The Entertainer’s Pack is a great way to keep yourself well-prepared for any situation.

    Is it a bard-exclusive pack?

    In addition to the usual weapons and armor, you can also purchase a variety of bard-exclusive packs. These are typically geared towards a specific class. The Entertainer’s Pack, for example, focuses on performing, and includes a disguise kit and costumes. It also includes 2 days of rations and a water skin. If you want to build your bard character from scratch, you can also purchase a Diplomat’s Pack.

    A bard character can multi-class as well, meaning that you can choose between a pirate or a college professor. Multi-classing can also change your character’s list of magical items. In addition, it allows you to change which magical items a bard uses most. You can also choose to multi-class your Bard character to be either a healer or damage-dealer.

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