2006 Fashion Trends

    In 2006 fashion world was flooded with controversy over the glamorization of ultra-thin models. Though some insiders called for a ban, the majority seemed to brush the controversy aside. Nevertheless, a number of big-name designers continued to push the limits of gullibility. The list of notable examples includes: Scarlett Johansson, who solidified her role as a fashion icon; Anne Hathaway, who was pregnant and sporting a pixie cut; and Alanis Morissette, who was a dazzling blonde.

    Rich fabrics are also a popular choice this season. The mix of old and new fashion trends is a key element in spring 2006 fashion. International fashion houses like Gucci are re-introducing old prints with a contemporary twist. Bamboo platforms and open toe style boots are also in style. Meanwhile shoulder pads are out. This year’s 2006 fashion trends are all about luxury and comfort.

    In the spring, a number of fashionable women opted for lilac-hued garments. The color was a great compromise for the spring fashion trend. Many women have been sporting ruffled skirts. Jacobs and Kors, Sarafpour, and Ralph Lauren all had their take on ruffled skirts.

    The black turtleneck continues to be a wardrobe staple. Rachel Bilson wore a black turtleneck and bubble dress in 2006, proving the versatility of the classic garment. Overalls were also a huge hit. The trend continued into the autumn/winter season. The trend is easy to replicate and can work with many different outfits.

    The layered look has been popular this year, and is gaining traction. Initially, it mainly focused on the upper body, but this season it has extended to the legs. The return of cap sleeves is also a welcome change from strappy dresses. These outfits are for grown-ups, after all.

    Long boots with simple designs were a popular option last year, but this year, they have been replaced by ornate, decorated boots. Wild West-inspired boots are another must-have footwear. Women of all ages are incorporating these styles into their wardrobes. Fur vests are also a great option to complete a layered look.

    While high-waisted jeans and aviator sunglasses were still common in women’s clothing, the trend embraced many other clothing trends as well. For example, retro halter tops with thin string-like straps were also popular. Moreover, a number of pop stars made a comeback. Low-rise jeans and crop tops were also a major trend.

    Double denim was also a big trend in Y2K 2006 fashion. Double denim meant matching shorts or flared jeans with crop tops or oversized jackets. Similarly, bedazzled logo T-shirts were everywhere. And for the casual set, a ribbed cardigan was a must-have. Worn with ribbed jeans, this garment was perfect for the off-duty look.

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