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    What is Woodnites Entertainment? In the world of blockchain, there are thousands of projects that have launched their tokens to help solve problems in the various industries. However, most of these tokens involve solving a single problem such as payment or storage. Many blockchain startups fail to think outside the box, meaning many of them end up running into one problem or another along the way. But not every project runs into problems and some manage to stand out from the rest. If you are wondering what Woodnites Entertainment is, then this article is for you! In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about Woodnites Entertainment including its overview, team members, mission statement, current status and so on…

    What is Woodnites Entertainment?

    Woodnites entertainment hd is a blockchain-based video streaming platform that wants to help content creators build a successful career as well as make money from their fans. The company behind this is Woodnites Entertainment which is registered in the Cayman Islands. The idea of this platform is to connect the creators with the fans. The content creators can upload their videos, create a channel and get paid whenever their fans make a purchase of the video. The platform uses Lumens (XWC) tokens to power its ecosystem. You can buy XWC tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, and HitBTC. Woodnites Entertainment is currently in the beta version. You can find the links to the beta version of the website and app on the Woodnites Entertainment website.

    How Does Woodnites Entertainment Work?

    Woodnites Entertainment hd is a hybrid blockchain platform. Essentially, it has a decentralized video-sharing platform where users upload their videos and earn XWC tokens as a reward for that content. The creators can then use these tokens to power the videos and get more views, subscribers, and purchases. The benefit of a hybrid blockchain is that the content is secured on the blockchain itself and it is accessible through the app and website. The decentralized video-sharing platform has three layers. The first layer is the blockchain layer which stores the asset and assets on the chain. The assets are user-generated videos uploaded by the creators. The second layer is the content-generation layer. This is where the creators post the videos and create relevant content that earns the creators tokens. The third layer is the distribution layer which is the app where the creators can view the videos, get notifications on their followers, and access the payment system and the marketing system.

    Why is Woodnites Entertainment Important?

    There are many blockchain projects out there that want to solve specific problems. Usually, these problems are common to many industries and people. But what about the projects that want to solve a problem that is unique to the blockchain world? Woodnites Entertainment is one such project. The reason why the creators of this platform want to use blockchain technology is to solve the problem of monetization. The creators aren’t able to get enough views, views aren’t monetized, and no one knows about the content. That’s why Woodnites Entertainment is important. This is one of the first blockchain based video streaming platforms that aims to solve the monetization problem of content creators.

    Team Behind Woodnites Entertainment

    The team behind Woodnites entertainment hd consists of the founders who have a vast experience in the blockchain industry. The founders are Igor Gallo and Steven George who have over a decade of experience in the video-sharing and marketing industries. George has proven himself in the film industry, and he has worked with several Bollywood actors and filmmakers like, Shahrukh Khan, Gulshan Grover, and many more. The CEO of Woodnites Entertainment, Igor Gallo, has over a decade of experience in the video-sharing industry. He has worked with companies like, Vimeo, Youku Tudou, and Google. The CTO of Woodnites Entertainment, Steven George, has over a decade of experience in the video-sharing industry. He has worked with companies like, Vimeo, Youku Tudou, and Google. Woodnites Entertainment also has advisors who have a solid track record in the blockchain industry. These include, Scott Shih, the CEO of Coinrail, Johny Hsu, the co-founder of Youku Tudou, and so on.

    Progress so far and future goals

    The idea behind Woodnites Entertainment hd came in early 2018. The team started working on this project and created the beta version of the platform in August 2018. The team is now releasing the version 2.0 of their app and platform. The team is also launching the beta version of their advertising network. The primary focus of the Woodnites entertainment hd team is to improve the user experience across the platform. The team is also focused on adding more content and features to the platform. They are looking to launch the gaming section too which will be powered by the XWC tokens. The Woodnites Entertainment team is also looking to expand their regional presence. The team would love to expand the regional presence all over the world.

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